Alberta Governance Board

ChairDirector, Edmonton Branch

M. Sean McMurtry



I am working for an Alberta in which children have equal access to both parents and their extended families, and where the joys and burdens of parenthood are shared fairly.

I am an alienated parent and needed to talk to people who really understood what I was going through. CCMF was a huge help to me. I know how much CCMF is needed in the community and I want to give back to CCMF to make sure this service continues, expands and can help others.

DirectorLead, Men's Peer Support Group

Neil Scully

P. Geol, Senior Geologist


Vanessa Farkas-Brahmakshatriya


I work with CCMF to honour the men in my life who have been sidelined and mistreated, and especially to help fathers be present and active in their children’s lives. It’s time we were all reminded of the value that men and boys bring to families and society.

I have supported women’s equality for many years and it seems to me that after 60 years of working on women’s rights and building services to support them it is now time for some balance if there is to be true equality.

There is a desperate need to support men in an organized and programmed way. CCMF is serving that need and I’m honoured to be a part of that.


John Dickson

Ph.D. (Management)

Academic Advisor

Christine Giancarlo



Dr. Giancarlo is anthropologist and senior lecturer at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta. She first encountered parental alienation by watching the deterioration of her then-husband’s relationship with his daughters.

Dr. Giancarlo and her associate published a qualitative research study, “Kids Come Last: The Effect of Family Law Involvement in Parental Alienation.” She is also the author of the book, “Parentectomy”, a narrative ethnography of her researched 28 cases of parental alienation, with a model for its resolution.

Christine is a staunch supporter of CCMF to promote men as equal parents and members of society.

View Dr. Giancarlo’s curriculum vitae here.

Wes has worked for many years in Health Care and in Private Practice as a Clinical Supervisor and Counselling Psychologist. He has a passion for service delivery committed to clinical excellence, and to the inherent dignity and abilities of clients and their families. Wes is an enthusiastic supporter of CCMF in its vision for men and for honouring the essential role we play in our families and communities.

Clinical Advisor

Wes Graw

M.A., R.Psych.


Staff Members

I have seen men and families who I care about affected by relationship strife. I am honoured to be a part of the important work that CCMF Alberta is doing.

The difference CCMF’s programs make to improve the lives of men, families and our communities is real. It’s a great feeling to go work every day and be able to contribute to making a difference for those we serve.

Executive Director

Beth Barberree

MA Health Leadership, BA Psychology