Fueling Fathers

Fueling Fathers helps single dads in Alberta boost their capacity, confidence, and mental health hygiene so they can be the best dads for their children.

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CCMF Alberta Buddy-Coaches hold space for you to have open and real conversations. During trying times, a Buddy-Coach has your back.

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Counselling Program

CCMF Alberta counsellors provide personalized, one-on-one attention to clients dealing with individual or family issues, depression, or anxiety. They have been selected to join our team because of their interest in men’s mental health and sensitivity to the uniqueness of the male experience, particularly during intimate relationship breakdown.

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Nexus Domestic Abuse Recovery Program

CCMF Alberta understands that abuse often has a unique look for men. If you've said to yourself, "this just doesn't feel right" or have friends or family been concerned about things you've told them...then let's talk.

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Legal Information & Resource Program

CCMF Alberta's Legal Information Programs can help you navigate the family law system. The information and conversations occur specifically in the context of Alberta’s Divorce Act, Family Law Act, and the Family Property Act.

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Men’s Peer Support Group (MPSG)

CCMF Alberta's MPSG is an open environment where men can access collective wisdom based on the lived experiences of men just like them. In addition to providing camaraderie and emotional support, common topics are discussed and the brotherhood of members will help you explore solutions to your own challenges.

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program

Participants will learn about the impact that the stress response has on our overall health and wellbeing, improve capacity for self-regulation, and increase their capacity to function at their best in the world.

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Caveat for all programs

Please note that all participants of programs at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families must be over the age of 16 or provide parental consent.

Participants must not be in need of emergency or crisis services, detoxification or withdrawal services.

Participants must not be in immediate danger of hurting themselves or others.

CCMF is not equipped to offer medical assistance to individuals who have attempted suicide, are having suicidal thoughts, have experienced psychotic episodes, or have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, although we may be able to supply information on available options.

CCMF programs are developed in consultation with experienced registered psychologists and are not to be deemed group or individual therapy, unless stated otherwise.

The CCMF is a non-smoking facility.