CCMF Alberta’s Legal Information Programs can help you navigate the family law system. The information and conversations occur specifically in the context of Alberta’s Divorce Act, Family Law Act, and the Family Property Act.

CCMF Alberta offers legal clinics and webinars as part of our Legal Information Program*. The primary goal is to increase our clients’ knowledge and confidence in navigating the legal system.

Our Legal Information Clinic will provide you with an opportunity to interact with one of our volunteer legal team members to get advice and support for your specific situation. It will provide you with resources, tools, and information to assist you in navigating the legal system.

CCMF Alberta teams up with Fair Legal to run monthly legal webinars. We endeavor to provide participants with access to leading legal experts who offer information about topics that men commonly experience.

We aim to ensure income level is not a barrier to participation in any of our programs.


*CCMF Legal Information Programs do not provide you with legal representation, nor are they a substitute for hiring a lawyer.  CCMF Alberta is always searching to expand its volunteer team. If you are a family lawyer searching to help men and families in Alberta with legal expertise, please email:  




By appointment, monthly webinars