CCMF Alberta’s MPSG is a safe group environment  where men connect with other men who have had similar lived experiences. It is a welcoming space where group members offer emotional support on common topics, resources and tools to help others find solutions to challenges, and inspire hope for a better future. Group members have experienced challenges related to family court, shared parenting, parental alienation, domestic abuse, and other similar issues.

Do you feel like…

  • The system is out to get you?
  • No one hears you?
  • You want to see your kids more than you do now?

CCMF Alberta’s MPSG is a confidential space where men and fathers can access collective knowledge based on shared experiences. Other men will listen to you without judgment and help facilitate solutions to common concerns that come up after divorce or separation. A recent survey of MPSG participants found that over 90% of them would recommend the program to friends or family who are struggling with similar challenges. This indicates an exceptionally high client satisfaction with CCMF Alberta’s MPSG. Here are a few comments from the survey.

  • I appreciate the atmosphere of acceptance, listening and suggestion.
  • I now see life through a lens of healing rather than hurt.
  • I’m more confident, I value myself, I have the energy to fight for my kids.

Participants in the MPSG shared that the group gives them a sense of belongingness and understanding in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. They feel their emotions are recognized, validated, and that they are listened to. They acknowledged the power in talking with others, report being better able to manage their feelings, and have increased confidence to navigate their relationship situation. Further, they identify that the MPSG is a great resource for ideas to help manage their situation and identify a desire to help other men who are struggling with similar circumstances.

CCMF Alberta’s MPSG is truly a community that provides men hope for a healthy tomorrow.




Alternating Saturdays, and alternating Wednesday evenings