Even good relationships are sometimes difficult. Going through a high conflict separation, from what perhaps was a loving relationship, can be indescribably challenging. Emotional swings are monumental. Logic and reasoning seem to disappear. The future becomes murky. But there is support if you can reach out. And as hard as it might be to visualize it from your current circumstances, for sure there is a beautiful future awaiting you.

By cultivating self awareness and combining it with a genuine desire for change, we can take our negative, challenging experiences and transform them for our personal benefit. Our greatest challenges and adversaries can be our best teachers. This blog is to support you on your journey of positive personal change, becoming a Whole Human Being and advancing towards your future dreams.

I am Coach Billy T. In 2019 I left my marriage of 37 years, and everything that was familiar to me, for reasons of escalating abuse and violence. Fortunately, I had lots of support from my friends, coaching community and I also found CCMF. My journey isn’t over and challenges persist. Nevertheless, I want to support those on similarly challenging journeys with my accumulated experience and wisdom as a husband, father, successful entrepreneur, lifelong learner and Certified Coach.

Personal change may be the most challenging thing we do as human beings. For life success, however, taking responsibility for ourselves, and creating positive change is not optional. UpRighting will focus on cultivating self awareness and providing real time, actionable offerings. It’s about UpRighting – standing up straight with your shoulders back. I hope you find value in these posts and I wish you godspeed in your journey beyond your current challenges and on to your incredible future.

With loving kindness,

Coach Billy