In recognition of today being International Men’s Day, we’d like to share some highlights of this past year.

In May, CCMF Alberta launched our Domestic Abuse Recovery Program. The first of its kind in Canada, this 13 week program provided men who have experienced domestic abuse tools and skills necessary to heal from the trauma that they have experienced. Each cycle of the program has been over-subscribed.

This year has been one of growth for CCMF Alberta. Inquiries about our programs have gone up 5 fold since the beginning of the year. We responded by replicating some programs and offering new ones. We have more than doubled our volunteer team and have added four more volunteer family lawyers to our legal resources team.

In March and September, the CCMF Alberta team participated in planning sessions where we identified priorities, set goals, and created a plan for success. Having a clear direction means that we can better provide a community where men can recover from family breakdown with dignity and empathy, so together we can move families forward.

For more information on our programs and services, we invite you to explore our website where you can Donate, Subscribe, or Sign Up.